Device design for 3D printing

When designing a device, you have to take the manufacturing method into account. Many people believe that 3D printing offers full freedom-of-design, but unfortunately even 3D printing has limitations. Obviously one of the absolute advantages of 3D printing is the ability to produce porous structures (to promote osseointegration in your device). But standard CAD packages are still limited when it comes to designing lattice structures.

Qase3D can support you in specific design for 3D printing of your medical device. Let me add a porous structure or (conformal) lattice to your design and make the design suitable for 3D printing.

Concept spinal cage with conformal lattice
Concept spinal cage with gyroid lattice

Additive Manufacturing of your medical device?

Looking for a high quality supplier to manufacture your medical device? As an independent consultant I know the best companies offering contract manufacturing as a service. Let me advise you on the available 3D printing technologies, post-processing options and identify the best additive manufacturing partner for your device.

Things to consider when selecting a contract manufacturer for 3D printing:

  • The technology for metal printing (DMLS or EBM)
  • The alloy needed (Pure titanium, Ti64 grade 5, Ti64 ELI)
  • Heat treatment and Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)
  • Surface rougness (shotblasting, polishing)
  • CNC postprocessing for screw threads
  • Quality and certification (ISO13485)