Setting up a 3D (printing) lab (at Point-of-Care)?

With over 15 years of experience in medical 3D printing, I am familiar with all the (medical) 3D printing technologies and (most) 3D software packages. Let Qase3D help you in setting up your 3D printing lab or 3D printing at Point-of-Care (PoC) in your hospital.

  • What 3D printers do you need?
  • Which software?
  • Which materials?
  • What infrastructure is needed?
  • Which post-processing tools?
  • How to clean and sterilize your parts?
  • How to train your engineer?
  • How to manage Quality?

Quality at Point-of-Care

You don’t always need the most expensive tools to deliver high quality 3D models and/or surgical guides. But you do need an appropriate Quality Management System (QMS) according to MDR article 5.5.

From hands-on experience I know about the regulatory requirements (MDR) around custom-made devices (MDR Annex XIII) and In-Hospital-Produced devices (MDR art. 5.5) and I can implement an easy-to-use digital Quality Management System (based on ISO13485) to safeguard the Quality of your medical devices.