AM for medical devices

Are you looking to outsource or insource additive manufacturing for your medical devices? Either way you have a lot of questions:

Insourcing AM

Which 3D printer(s) do I need?
A good 3D printer from a manufacturer with excellent service.

What materials?
Various materials are available, but which one is best for your application?

Which infrastructure is required?
Besides the 3D printer, you will need for example compressed air, fume hood,…

What postprocessing is necessary?
After printing you will need to remove supports, deburr, polish, clean,…

What kind of investment is required?
You want to know how big of an investment you have to do, all things considered, both upfront and recurring? Maybe outsourcing turns out to be the better choice for you?

Outsourcing AM

Where to find a good AM partner?
A good partner that delivers high quality parts.

Which manufacturer uses which AM technology?
For metal printing, some use SLM, others EBM. For polymers or ceramics there’s even more variety of technologies.

Which AM partner is ISO13485 certified?
The ISO13485 certificate proves the AM partner is certified to produce medical parts.

What other services can the partner offer?
Do you only need the partner to do Additive Manufacturing, or also CNC milling, laser engraving, assembly, cleaning,…

Most likely, you have even more questions. More questions than answers anyway.

QasE3D can advise you, both in finding the right Additive Manufacturing technology, and finding the optimal contract manufacturing partner. And I apologize in advance; I will even raise questions, you hadn’t even considered yet!