To thank everybody who has been part of my journey this first year as an entrepreneur, I offer you my design of a unique Christmas ball that you can 3D print yourself on your own 3D printer.

The QasE3D Christmas ball combines two AMazing structures, being the gyroid with a voronoi pattern. With a bit of inspiration from a snowflake (thicker in the middle than at the edges, fractal). This X-mas ball can only be produced by 3D printing. Looks nice in Christmas colors and in shiny metals. Will also make a great stress-ball / stress reliever in flexible material.

You are free to download and 3D print this file. If you print it on a SLS printer in PA, I kindly request that you send me a copy too! Do not use it for commercial purposes.

Don’t want to 3D print yourself? Then you can order it online from Shapeways.