Qase3D is founded by Erik Boelen, MSc, PhD in order to help medical 3D printing companies with their Marketing and Quality challenges and to connect surgeons to high quality devices.

Erik is a biomedical engineer from Eindhoven University of Technology and has a PhD in biomaterials (for spinal surgery) from Maastricht University, The Netherlands.

In his professional career he worked for 15 years with 3D printing and (custom-made) medical devices, for well known companies as Materialise and Xilloc.

Erik has ample experience in Sales and Marketing, Quality Management and Operations Management. He is well aware of the challenges that companies face to market 3D printed devices (compliant with the MDR) and to control the quality of 3D printed devices.

Having struggled with a paper-based Quality Management System (QMS), Erik built a fully digital Quality Management system based on ISO 13485, that has been certified to ISO 13485: 2016 for custom-made devices. This eQMS can easily be adapted to the scope and activities of medical device companies.

Also setting up a 3D Design and 3D Print lab is part of Erik’s expertise, and he can help your company in:

  • selecting the right machines and softwares for your 3D lab.
  • designing devices specifically for 3D printing, taking the (im)possibilities of the various 3D printing technologies into account (e.g. design a porous lattice structure for a spinal cage or orthopaedic implant for osseointegration).

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